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Wedding catering


Your wedding is undoubtedly thé most important day of your life. Where good company comes together to celebrate your biggest day, good food must match that experience. We understand like no other that every detail counts when it comes to catering  for weddings. Our catering services allow for fully personalised & intimate settings that meet your needs to create an unforgettable wedding experience. The experience starts long before the day of your wedding, the day when you get to decide on your perfect menu. You simply tell us your wishes and we will draft a personalised menu proposal for you that you can have adapted as many times as you want until you are happy with the menu. We then come together for an abundant tasting and discuss the finer details, such as food styling, aesthetics and timing. You even get to choose your favourites, from the style of plates to decoration on your dinner table. To complete this experience, we can offer you extra's, such as event locations, furniture rental, wedding photography, live music and bartending service.

Special dietary wishes

Making sure that everyone gets to enjoy their meals equally is extremely important to us. When dining together, it is very common that not everybody has the same dietary wishes. Our approach is to offer enough variety of dishes that take into account the most common special dietary requirements. We can offer customised menus that are suitable to these special dietary requirements: vegan, vegetarian, halal and the keto diet. Please inform us of any food allergies, dietary restrictions or foods you would like us to exclude.