My name is Mana. I’m a 25-year-old nutritionist from Vancouver, Canada. Coming from a family of doctors, I was aiming to get into medical school to follow my parents’ footsteps. I chose nutrition as my undergraduate degree, since it made getting into medical school easier. I had no idea that starting my bachelor’s degree in nutrition would change my life so drastically for the better. I became so passionate about food and nutrition that I decided to continue studying it instead of medicine. I became healthier, happier, and more disciplined that I had ever been before. I recently moved to Barcelona (October 2018) to start a master’s degree in “Entrepreneurship in Nutrition”. As I continue my studies in the field of nutrition, my new passion is sharing my knowledge and personal experiences regarding the importance of nutrition and healthy eating with other people. My hope is to not only be informative, but also to be a helping hand for positive change, no matter how big or small. I will be posting nutrition related blogs from now on. I would love to have you all on this journey of self-care and healthy eating with me. Please leave comments/questions/concerns for me down in the comments section anytime!




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