5 Greek inspired salad twists

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As you can read from our intro, our latest catering menu includes ingredients and techniques that we came across during our recent trip to Santorini, Greece. A quick note about Santorini if you haven't already visited this island: it's time to go! Especially if you are a foodie. Our trip took place in September, we stayed for 5 days. Most would recommend 2 days is enough to explore the beauty of the island, but we didn't regret the slow pace on the island this 5-day trip allowed us. If you plan to go, we recommend you to plan your trip around early spring or late summer (end of September) as you will be able to enjoy the views and cobbled streets with less people. The main focus of our trip was obviously the incredibly fresh foods you can find there. Apart from traditionally Greek dishes such as Moussaka, Baklava and Fava bean puree (the latter is typically from Santorini), we tried local salads - lots of them - every single day, and not one single salad bored us. Here are 5 refreshing techniques the Greeks thought us about making salads: 1. Squeeze your tomato

With such incredibly fresh produce, tomatoes in Greece taste delicious just as they are. We came across a cute family restaurant in Oya that served us a tomato, spring onion and goat's cheese salad with the juice of the tomato as a dressing. Simply squeeze your tomatoes and add a bit of vinegar, sea salt and extra virgin olive oil to lift up your salad.

2. Replace croutons for filo dough

Greeks really know how to use their national ingredients in the best way. We tried a spinach salad (see photo) with large, crispy sheets of filo dough to add a crunchy element to the salad. It's flakey, light, and something we've never came across. A simple element to add for when you are looking for a lighter alternative to croutons.

3. Mix mix mix Garbanzo beans are commonly used for making hummus, but have you ever tried making other dips with these creamy beans? Tranquilo restaurant in Perissa serves up an epic dip that combines these beans with sun-dried tomato, artichokes, fresh parsley and garlic. This dip alone, along with their colourful salads is worth coming back for.

4. Get chunky with onions

This same restaurant serves up a delicious Greek salad (how could they not!). If you can get a hold of sweet onions, especially those that come from Greece, try cutting them in bigger chunks than you might be used to. They are so mild in flavour that leaving them chunky would add flavour to every single bite!

5. Use dried herbs instead of fresh herbs Finally, explore the many dried herbs the Mediterranean has to offer: it adds loads of flavour to your dish and is much more sustainable (and economically friendly) than buying herbs fresh. Need tips on restaurants in Santorini? DM us via Instagram!


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