Halloween 2019: a summary

The big spooky event of the year has taken place and it's time to move on to 'Movember'. As much fun as we have cooking for every event, crafting food with 'Halloween' as a theme was equally enjoyable. Due to lime limits we had to keep in simple, but that fortunately didn't compromise on great flavour. Here's a summary

event caterer

It's not too late yet to present salmorejo: the more creamy, orange version of a gazpacho. This plate was presented with added soy bean sprouts, fried basil and trout (along with a cream of trout).

Event caterer

Black miso pancakes. Slightly sweet and still savoury, these black miso pancakes were coloured with black ink paste and topped with egg white foam to give it a contrast.

Event caterer

Tapas: sweet potato cream bites in a bed of alfalfa bean sprouts (that combination is just heavenly!) and crispy tartlets with salmon and citrus curd.

event caterer

More tapas: slowly roasted eggplant with a miso, soy and honey glaze, and fennel, trout and a lightened cream on toast.

Picoteo barcelona

For dessert: chai carrot cake. These carrot cakes are refined sugar-free and vegan. After the catering event we tried these little cakes with a dollop of citrus curd and the flavour combination was just incredible. (on to an improvement of our recipe!). Till next year's Halloween!


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