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Toast Barcelona Catering is dedicated to providing high quality healthy food, drinks and bespoke, personalised catering. We do this with passion, a large dose of creativity and personal attention.

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Healthy catering

Taking good care of our clients means carefully choosing our ingredients. Below listed are our favourite ingredients used to create the most wholesome and flavourful seasonal dishes.


Freshly toasted or blended to be used in both our vegan desserts and dips and spreads. They are loaded with vitamin E, antioxidants, magnesium and fiber.

Chia Seeds
Crunchy or soft, chia seeds are commonly used in our  baking and raw vegan desserts to give you the perfect texture.

Raw peanuts (not fried), are the perfect addition to a number of our Asian inspired meals. They are high in nutrients and antioxidants and are full of flavour.

Walnuts can't be missed in our catering offerings: they are anti-inflammatory, and rich in antioxidants, 
manganese and copper.   


Packed with flavour and nutrients, pistachios is one of our most commonly used ingredients for any occasion, whether used in corporate catering or party catering.


Both used in savoury and sweet dishes, this favourite is among the most powerful sources of antioxidants.

Over time our vegan 'no-cheesecake' has become a favourite among our clients. It's a powerful flavour maker, not only in our sweets but also in our salads. 

Bell peppers
Using variations of red, yellow and green, their crunchy texture and sweet taste complete some of our hearty dishes.

Seasonal veggies
Keeping up with seasonality is important to us. Only this way we can assure freshness and flavour. Some favourites: artichokes, strawberries and peaches.


When you look at the right places in Spain, you can find some of the sweetest, juiciest oranges the Mediterranean has to offer. We use oranges in both savoury and sweet dishes.



The freshness and tangy flavour of grapefruit pairs perfectly with fresh green leaves and mixed nuts. It is a great addition used when we are asked to offer healthy catering that will keep everyone energised. 


Coconut milk, coconut oil, desiccated coconut, these are impactful flavour makers in both our hot served catering dinners and sweet dishes.

Extra virgin olive oil
Not only because it makes the best savoury meals and dressings, but also because Barcelona produces some of its finest!

Dark chocolate
We can't go without this vibrant superfood. Our Dutch partners provide the best dark sugar-free vegan chocolate used in desserts.

Amongst the healthiest ingredients for its rich healthy fat and low carb content. Avocados are often used in our breakfast, lunch and dinner options.


A popular protein in any of our catering styles due to its rich flavour and high amount of nutrients.


Similar in texture and taste, trout is another type of freshwater fish we often use in pica pica catering and appetisers. 


Sweet potato
They are rich, versatile and loaded with antioxidants! We love to use them in our colourful salads.

Rich in fiber and nutrients. Lentils are used to create dishes inspired by a variety of world cuisine.

Butter beans
Who says you can't make hummus without garbanzo beans? Butterbeans have never failed us in creating the most epic hummus varieties!

Garbanzo beans
Being this versatile, we can't leave out this wholesome legume. Used cooked, roasted or blended.


Not only incredibly healthy, but also highly versatile. We use large varieties of fresh fruits, herbs and/or spices to flavour our oat based catering meals.



Full of fiber and magnesium, quinoa is an ingredient we commonly use to offer plant based catering options to our vegan and vegetarian clients.