To where do you deliver?

We deliver to these areas:

- Barcelona (city)

- L'Hospitalet de Llobregat

- Esplugues de Llobregat

- Sant Adrià de Besòs


Got catering needs outside of Barcelona? Contact us and we will check what we can do for you.


What is your mission?

At Toast Barcelona, it is our mission to encourage people to choose a responsible and vital lifestyle. Driven by our passion for food, health and hospitality, our menus intend to showcase foods that are enjoyable without having to compromise on flavour. 


All catering services and events we offer at Toast Barcelona are based on three key core values: quality, social entrepreneurship, and well-being. By working with local providers of food and catering products we help smaller businesses who care for sustainability and ensure that only the best quality foods end up on your table. Setting the bar high when it comes to choosing our suppliers and creating well established partnerships is very important to us. By doing so, we are able to create an added value for our clients and guests, yet keeping our event catering services and meal delivery services very affordable. 

What is your style of cooking?

Our style of cooking is based on creativity, seasonality and mostly foods with a story. We love turning simple and comforting dishes that remind of home (wherever in the world that may be!) into modern dishes that are in balance and refreshing. 


Our cooking is always based on ingredients that showcase quality, taste and origin. We work as much as possible with 100% organic, sustainably produced, animal-friendly and fair trade products. As a result, you will see, taste and smell dishes that reflect this! All of our chefs have years of experience with various international cuisines and we always continue to improve and develop new creative dishes to enjoy.

Can food be good for you and still taste good?

''Healthy food” is often associated with boring, tasteless and restricting diet food. Think of steamed vegetables or plain quinoa, who wants to eat that? It might be healthy but really, food should be a joy to eat first and foremost. There are countless of ways to make food taste great without having to add unhealthy fats, sugars and all things bad for you. A dish can turn from ordinary into something exceptional, simply by using the right ingredients and being smart about flavour combinations. Plus, the key is all in seasoning. Luckily, we are based in a city like Barcelona where over the last years we have encountered some of the most amazing ingredients: Ibiza sea salt, fresh rosemary, pimenton, Piqual olive oil to name some.

See our commonly used ingredients here


What if I have allergies?

Simply tell us your allergies and we'll exclude them from our menu proposal. IMPORTANT! We work in a co-working kitchen that is not certified gluten-free. Note that there may be traces of gluten and nuts. If you are highly allergic, we suggest that you contact one of the great specialised alternatives available in Barcelona.

See our commonly used ingredients here


What eco-friendly practices do you follow?

Eco-friendly practices are important to us, however, your safety and freshness of our products come at number one. We eliminate disposable tableware wherever possible by serving our food on sustainable serving trays that often (for example in the case of a pica pica) don't require cutlery. We also deliver lunch box catering. In this case, you can expect us to use carton bowls closed off with plastic lids. This way we can ensure that your food stays airtight and fresh.


Can I adapt your menu proposal?

Absolutely! On our website you will find a seasonal menu to give you an idea of what we can offer. However, the options are endless. Just tell us your wishes and we will do our best to send you a menu proposal that is as accurate as possible. You can adapt our proposal as many times as you wish until you are happy with the selection of dishes.


See our seasonal menu here to find your ideas


What budgets do you work with?

We understand that you may be restricted to a certain budget, yet don't want to compromise on flavour, quality and presentation. Our catering offerings and presentations are just as important to us as is your client or employee image. We can work with any type of budget and offer you great catering solutions accordingly. Just send us your ideas and budget and we'll get back to you with our options.

To give you an idea, here are some of the requests we frequently work with: pica pica, breakfast catering, brunch catering, lunch box catering, event catering, healthy sharing buffet, dessert buffet and coffee breaks.


Vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, what is it that you offer?

Our objective with Toast Barcelona Catering is to nurture with great tasting food. We maxify the use of foods that are good for you regardless of what type of diet you follow: berries, greens, walnuts, sweet potato, you name it. We then enhance flavour in natural ways by adding thing like: fresh or spices and herbs, tamari, sesame oil, pistachios, lemon zest, homemade dressings, tapenades and sauces.

From a nutritional perspective this makes adding (trans)fats and proteins such as red meats and chicken not even necessary anymore.

However, we do understand that you or your client might not 100% like the idea of an all-vegan meal and would therefore wish to add some variety. We get that! With our 80-20% principle (80% plantbased, 20% added proteins such as fish or roastbeef) we can meet your catering needs.

Contact us here or see our menu to check what we can typically offer


What ingredients do you use?

Every month we check what type of fresh ingredients are in season. Based on availability and freshness, we combine ingredients using a variety of color, structure and flavour to create new menu's that will then be announced here.

Menu's posted are our personal recommendations, of course the options to vary and combine different styles and meals are endless.

To learn more about commonly used ingredients we focus on, visit our ingredients page

I'm an office worker, can I order a meal to be sent to the office?

Of course! However, we work with a minimum budget / number of meals per catering. If you have a private request for catering, please contact us a week in advance to guarantee your booking.

Can I taste your dishes before I decide on catering?

Absolutely! Contact us for more details.

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