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Toast Barcelona Catering is dedicated to providing high quality healthy food, drinks and bespoke, personalised catering. We do this with passion, a large dose of creativity and personal attention.

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Tel/WhatsApp: +34-6-222 580 39


Cada día / Every day: 9:00 - 19:00

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Dinner + Networking for food businesses
15/02 20:30 - 00:00

Join us on the 15th of February for some great networking opportunities, good vibes and a delicious in-house dinner in a private, beautiful and fun setting. 

Toast Barcelona is based on these guiding principles: quality, creative flexitarian cuisine and the use of local, seasonal products. We are a gastronomic catering business and love to serve you with passion and memorable flavours. 

Good food and good health are important to us. We only cook up dishes that we love to eat ourselves, and trust us, we're picky eaters! And it just so happens that what we like is good for you, for our community and for the planet.

It’s time to celebrate the good days and make the rough ones better! Eating, drinking, and above all, coming together to bond over food. 

RSVP before 14/02 to:


This event will take place in a top floor apartment (with elevator) in Eixample near Arc de Triomf. The exact location will be communicated via email.

Got questions? Send us a message:
WhatsApp: +34 6 222 580 39

Buffet menu


- All of our appetisers are served with a variety of artisan breads on the side -

Tostadas with miso caramelised smoked Japanese eggplant

Tostadas with spiced pulled jackfruit and 'mint-yoghurt' (V)

Beetroot, parsley and almond dip (V)

Butterbean hummus (V)

Lush tomatoes and watercress on a bed of sun-dried tomato salsa and tahini drizzle (V)

Mustard, grape and sprouts salad (V)

Orange and tahini glazed eggplant with pistachio pesto (V)


Vegan Japanese mushroom risotto (V)

Mussels cooked in fresh vegetable broth and cava

Spanish pisto (V)


Coconut lemongrass Basmati rice

'Golden' Basmati rice (mildly spiced)


- 1x each, all served in bite size -

Coffee date cake (V + refined sugar-free)

Brownie (V + refined sugar-free)

Tahini chocolate fudge (V + refined sugar-free)

(V) = Vegan

Price p.p.: 25€ + bring any bottle of wine of your choice


RSVP latest 13/02 to: with your full name.

Besos, Sharon & Adriana

More upcoming events

Mardeagosto x Toastbarcelona:

The Tahini show

7/03 18:30 - 20:30

Join us on the 7th of March for an epic Tahini themed dinner as Mardeagosto will introduce her brand new Tahini product in a refreshing, fun and casual way.


Meet fellow foodies and connect over food. All dishes on the menu will be creatively elaborated using Mardeagosto's Tahini product.

This event will take place in Café Fosc (Eixample)
near Arc de Triomf. The menu will be posted here soon.

Got questions? Send us a message:
WhatsApp: +34 6 222 580 39